Best buy award celebrates its five-year anniversary

Source: ICERTIAS | Mon 23rd Feb, 2015 | 20:19 GMT  
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Five years of remarkable success for the Best Buy Award certificate  
The Best Buy Award has now developed into the respectable international organization ICERTIAS present today on four continents

Today, five years after its founding, the Best Buy Award has grown to become a globally recognized program and the respectable international organization ICERTIAS – International Certification Association, which has its registered head office in Zurich, Switzerland.
The innovative Best Buy Award research and certification project was inaugurated precisely five years ago, on February 23, 2010.

The idea behind the Best Buy Award project was to develop a research and certification platform that would reward the best products and services on the market, those which, based on the experiences and opinions of consumers themselves, verifiably offer the best price–quality ratio to their customers.
From the very beginning, only the products and services that consumers assessed as Number 1 in terms of the price–quality ratio in a given market category were presented with the prestigious blue Best Buy Award.
Due to its strict and transparent methodology for research, analysis and awarding prizes, the Best Buy Award quickly became accepted by both consumers and industries around the world, particularly on the European continent.

In addition to the Best Buy Award, ICERTIAS also issues today the globally recognized certificate QUDAL (QUality meDAL), as well as the more recently introduced ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend.
The power of ICERTIAS lies primarily in the votes of the people—consumers themselves. In the past five years, over 100,000 examinees worldwide have participated in market research conducted by ICERTIAS.
The international success of ICERTIAS is clearly evidenced in that both local and global media—including major global media outlets like NBC, ABC, and Fox—regularly cite and present the results of its research.
In just five years, ICERTIAS certificates have successfully been awarded in more than thirty countries on four continents—from Kazakhstan in Asia, to Kenya and Ghana in Africa, numerous European countries, and all the way to the American continent and Chile in the far west.
Numerous well-known multinational companies proudly bear ICERTIAS certification medals, including Bauhaus, Bonduelle, Bosch, Braun, Danone, Dr. Oetker, Ericsson, Hofer, Henkel, Humanic, Lactalis, Lidl, Lukoil, Nestlé, Pernod Ricard, Procter & Gamble, Spar, T-Mobile Unilever, Vaillant, Volkswagen, and many others.
For more info on the Best Buy Award and ICERTIAS, please visit and
ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH
Feldeggstrasse 23
8008 Zurich , Switzerland
ICERTIAS Media dept: +41 43 544 44 20

The Information and data presented in this report and announcement are for informational purposes only. This report is neither designed nor
intended to be used for making investment decisions. ICERTIAS (ICERTIAS -“ International Certification Association GmbH, Zurich,
Switzerland), as well as the distributor of the information from this report, cannot be in any way responsible for decisions or actions
carried out based on the results of the survey, and/or the information contained in this document. The entire survey was conducted with
special attention and effort to present results in a precise and transparent manner. However, ICERTIAS and/or its partners, managers,
and/or its employees are not liable for the accuracy and/or credibility of the information presented here or in the survey.

© 2015, ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland

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Best buy award celebrates its five-year anniversary
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